Resource Tracking: Global HIV/AIDS Philanthropic Funding

Funding to address HIV/AIDS from global private philanthropic institutions totaled $636 million in 2012 remaining essentially flat (a less than 1% increase) from 2011.

This growth is largely due to the addition of 40 funders, new to the report, based outside of the U.S. and Western & Central Europe. Excluding funding from these organizations, philanthropy from U.S.- and E.U.-based organizations decreased by US$33 million, or 5% from 2011.


More on the response outside of the U.S. & Western and Central Europe:

New for 2013, FCAA conducted research to identify HIV philanthropic funders based outside of the U.S. and the Western and Central Europe. Surveys and additional research generated data from 40 funders in 13 countries, totaling approximately $38 million in AIDS philanthropy in 2012. Download this specific section of the report here.

 Through this resource tracking effort, FCAA has been monitoring the field of HIV/AIDS philanthropy for more than a decade. Produced with support from UNAIDS, this report intends to inform stakeholders about the overall distribution and trends of global AIDS philanthropy. the financial data is largely sourced from surveys completed by funders, with supplemental review of grants databases and funders' grants lists. Data was obtained for close to 300 organizations that are believed to represent the substantial majority of global HIV/AIDS philanthropy.

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To view past resource tracking issues (2002-2011), please visit the FCAA publications page.