Vision & Mission

FCAA marked its 25th anniversary (2012) by recommitting to its mission via the development of a new strategic plan. This process resulted in a refreshed mission statement, and a new, bold organizational vision.

Learn more about the goals of FCAA's new 2013-2015 strategic plan.


FCAA envisions a world without AIDS, facilitated by a philanthropic sector that works collaboratively, transparently, and urgently to ensure focused and robust funding for:

  • Evidence-based interventions in the treatment and prevention of HIV infection;
  • Advocacy, research, and exploration of new methods to hasten the end of AIDS; and,
  • Investments that address the social inequities, health disparities, and human rights abuses that fueled the spread the epidemic.


Funders Concerned About AIDS (FCAA) mobilizes the leadership, ideas, and resources of funders to eradicate the global HIV/AIDS pandemic and to address its social and economic dimensions.

On 16 May 2013 FCAA announced it would be merging operations with the European HIV/AIDS Funders Group to streamline efforts and increase networking among US and EU funders. As an emerging global leader in AIDS philanthropy, FCAA is working to expand its coverage and programming to include both U.S. and E.U.-based members, including engaging our first European representation on the FCAA Board of Directors. Read the full announcement here.