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PUERTO RICO – Recent Visit by President Obama Should Send a Message to Public Health and Philanthropic Leaders. Will Anyone Heed the Call?


Guest Blog, authored by Kandy Ferree, President & CEO of 360 Strategy Group.

On June 15th, fifty years after the last visit of a sitting president (John F. Kennedy) to the Island, President Barack Obama made a historic but timely visit to Puerto Rico.  If the President of the United States of America believes Puerto Rico deserves his attention and that Puerto Rico has the promise of economic opportunity and health for its citizenry, why has U.S.-based philanthropy, and HIV/AIDS philanthropy been slow to do the same?  President Obama noted in his remarks, “… I promised to include Puerto Rico not just on my itinerary, but also in my vision of where our country needs to go.”  Will public health and leaders in health philanthropy demonstrate the same commitment?

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Innovative Collaboration - Increasing Access to Care for People with HIV/AIDS


Authored by John Barnes, for the Council on Foundations

FCAA and many of our partners in the philanthropy community mobilize philanthropic leadership, ideas, and resources, and seek opportunities for collaboration, including public-private partnerships. This work is as challenging as it is important, but now the philanthropic sector has a new and engaged partner in the federal government: the Social Innovation Fund (SIF).

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30 years of AIDS – Looking back at the Philanthropic Response


Authored by: Sarah Hamilton

 The 30th anniversary of AIDS also creates an important opportunity for the FCAA community to stop and reflect on the important role of philanthropy has played in supporting and advancing the global response to HIV/AIDS. Following the first reported case of AIDS, philanthropy was still struggling to respond to the epidemic; most funding for early AIDS efforts came from individuals, and was mostly informal and highly personal. In 1987 FCAA was founded by a group of grantmakers dedicated to bringing philanthropic attention to the AIDS crisis and to building the field of AIDS-related philanthropy. In 2003 FCAA published HIV/AIDS Philanthropy: History and Current Parameters 1981-2000 to provide a brief overview and history of U.S.-based HIV/AIDS philanthropy. 

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AIDS Media @ 30


Authored by Sarah Hamilton

As a new parent, I’ve been watching a lot of television. A lot. But something the other day gave me pause: a commercial featuring an African-American woman talking about her experience as an HIV-positive single mother in America today.  This spot was part of We are Greater than AIDS, the national media movement launched by the Kaiser Family Foundation and the Black AIDS Institute in 2009 to respond to the AIDS crisis in the U.S., with particular emphasis on the severe and disproportionate epidemic among Black Americans. Importantly, it ran during So You Think You Can Dance (yes, I admit it)…not only are we talking about prime time placement, but an audience one can assume is made up of young adults and teens, an age group that continues to be at risk with latest statistics showing that those between 13 and 29 accounted for 34% of new infections in 2006 (Kaiser, June 2011). A few years back I remember having the same feeling after seeing a PSA-type trailer before a movie that featured Magic Johnson (check out the work of the FCAA member organization Magic Johnson Foundation here); I tried to remember the last time I had seen something like this (hint: it was close to a decade).

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