Monday, December 6th
9:00 – 5:15 pm
The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation
Barbara Jordan Conference Center
Washington, DC

2010 has been an eventful year in the HIV/AIDS arena.  The Obama Administration released a seminal National HIV/AIDS Strategy that offers the opportunity of uniting public/private efforts to curb the spread of new cases, expand access to care and address health disparities.  The XVIII International AIDS Conference in Vienna highlighted promising new approaches to prevention, as well as lingering human rights abuses that continue to challenge the HIV/AIDS response.  The global economic crisis has continued to challenge the funding response to HIV on all levels.

FCAA's 2010 AIDS Philanthropy Summit offered funders a space to gather and learn more about these challenges and opportunities, to share best practices and seek opportunities to craft a more collaborative philanthropic response.  The outline below highlights the exciting sessions and speakers, and offers both downloadable presentations and (coming soon!) videos of each session. Find more pictures from the day HERE.

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Panel Discussions

Resource Flows: The Weakening Response to a Growing Crisis
To set the context for our day-long discussion, we opened with a panel, moderated by Jen Kates, Kaiser Family Foundation, that compared recent estimates of global need with current and projected international and domestic HIV resource flows.
*Watch the session here! Part 1 and Part 2
* Download the presentation slides HERE

Maximizing Impact in the Domestic and International Responses to HIV/AIDS

  • Regan Hofmann, Editor-in-chief of POZ magazine, moderated a panel of experts in domestic HIV/AIDS issues and funding who discussed the opportunities presented to funders by the National HIV/AIDS Strategy and the seismic changes in approaches to prevention and access to care that will be required to realize its full vision.
    *Watch the session here! Link

  • Moderated by Jackie Judd, Vice President and Senior Advisor for Communications at the Kaiser Family Foundation and Emmy Award winning journalist, a panel of experts explored innovative approaches to the myriad of challenges facing international HIV/AIDS philanthropists today.
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Keynote Address: Combating HIV Criminalization at Home & Abroad

We often discuss the importance of taking a “human rights approach” to HIV/AIDS work, but for many who have never worked in the human rights arena, how to operationalize that is unclear.  We know that stigma is at the root of a lot of the challenges in HIV work, but how do we begin to address something so seemingly indigenous to every culture?  Addressing state-sponsored stigma and discrimination can be an important way to start.  The United States leads the world in criminalizing HIV, and many of our domestic policies are exported to developing regions through our foreign aid. 

Edwin Bernard, a world-renowned expert on HIV criminalization and blogger of Criminal HIV Transmission enlightened participants on HIV criminalization practices in the US and abroad, explore how they impede progress in promoting prevention and treatment, and discuss how funders can play an important role in reversing disturbing trends. Learn more about Edwin's work. Download Edwin's bio here.

* Watch the keynote address! Link

*Download Edwin's slides HERE!

This keynote address was underwritten by the generous funding of Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS (BC/EFA). BC/EFA is a long-time supporter of FCAA and its renewed focus on advocacy.

Networking Opportunities

Impact Discussion Groups
Attendees were invited to participate in a range of small group discussions, hosted by leading experts, to dig deeper into many of the issues raised by panelists and presenters in earlier sessions.  Discussion topics and host organizations included: International AIDS Conference 2012 (International AIDS Society); Access to Care (National AIDS Fund); Advocacy (AIDS Foundation of Chicago); Funders role in the National HIV/AIDS Strategy (Office of National AIDS Policy); Funder role in the Global Health Initiative (Office of Global AIDS Coordinator); Human Rights (International Human Rights Funders Group and Levi Strauss Foundation); and Partnering with Multilaterals (UNAIDS and Friends of the Global Fight Against AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria).

Stay tuned for a meeting report to hear what each group recommended for priorities and action! 

Networking Reception
It is FCAA's tradition to recognize and honor leaders in our field. FCAA ended the day with a networking reception in honor of Jen Kates, Kaiser Family Foundation, and her near decade of leadership on the FCAA Board of Directors. Read more about Jen.

Video webcasts of each session!  We recommend QuickTime player or Windows Media Player. If those options aren't working, try VLN - an open source multimedia framework, player and server that will allow users (esp. MAC users) to open any files. Questions, please contact