On December 5, 2011 more than 70 funding colleagues joined FCAA in Washington, DC to strategize on how, where and why our efforts can change the course of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. To take advantage of the collective energy around new scientific breakthroughs and political commitments that have moved us closer to ending AIDS, the Summit’s tagline “From Data to Impact,” focused on an important question: is our funding responsive to emerging information on how to maximize impact?

To set the context for the day, the first two sessions focused on the data. First, a look at the latest data on private and public sector support for HIV/AIDS, balanced with a discussion on how pending policy and budget decisions may impact resource flows.

Session I: HIV by the Numbers from Funders Concerned About AIDS on Vimeo.

Next, a panel of private funders and advocates dove into a discussion on how to appropriately balance new biomedical interventions with more traditional behavioral approaches in a new era of treatment as prevention.  Both sessions touched upon the new UNAIDS Investment Framework, a new model for global HIV/AIDS funding that suggests increased investment in “high-impact, evidence-based, high-value strategies” could result in the prevention of 12.2 million infections and 7.4 million deaths by 2020.


Session II: The Future of Treatment as Prevention from Funders Concerned About AIDS on Vimeo.

The Summit moved from data-focused discussions to exploring opportunities for funders to move towards increased impact, including the National HIV/AIDS Strategy (NHAS) and AIDS2012 to be held in Washington, DC in July. FCAA also launched its new Funders’ Toolkit to the NHAS that identifies opportunities for funders to help the NHAS reach its goals and highlights the work of funders already supporting this historic and important strategy.  The session on “Maximizing AIDS2012” offered a list of ways that private funders can “work” the conference.


Session III: Implementing the National HIV/AIDS Strategy from Funders Concerned About AIDS on Vimeo.


Session IV: Maximizing AIDS2012 from Funders Concerned About AIDS on Vimeo.

During lunch attendees selected caucus groups for continued networking and brainstorming based on key topics of advocacy, treatment as prevention, the 18th International AIDS Conference (AIDS2012), achieving universal access for youth, and funding to men who have sex with men.  The Summit closed with a “report-back” session from the caucus groups (see recommendations from each caucus group below).


Report Back from Funders Concerned About AIDS on Vimeo.


In his closing remarks FCAA Executive Director John Barnes reminded the audience that, over the last three years, we have experienced a 30% decrease in the number of top AIDS funding organizations (those who give $300k or more to HIV/AIDS). With the size of our community rapidly becoming more concentrated, and dependent on fewer resources, it is all the more important for our community to come together and strategize our response to achieving an “AIDS-Free Generation.”