Reigniting the Fight: Levi Strauss & Co. and the Levi Strauss Foundation

“In our programs, policies and campaigns, we have sought to be pioneering, bold and honest. We have sometimes raised a few eyebrows along the way, but…if you’re not rabble-rousing and raising eyebrows, you’re probably not on the right track.” – Daniel Lee, Executive Director of the Levi Strauss Foundation.  For the inaugural edition of FCAA’s 30th […]

FCAA @30: Reigniting the Fight

The past three decades have seen incredible change, progress and hope in the fight against HIV and AIDS. We are transitioning from an emergency response to developing sustainable programs; programs that allow those affected not only to survive, but truly to thrive. With the appropriate level of commitment, we could well end the disease as […]

FCAA’s Spring Convening Helps HIV Funders Navigate New Terrain

On the heels of a leaked draft of President Trump’s national budget — showing potentially devastating cuts to U.S. foreign assistance — FCAA held its Spring Convening – Mission Impossible: Retooling for a Changing Environment. Two expert panels provided the latest possible look at priorities of the new Administration, and then helped brainstorm how, as […]

HIV/AIDS in the U.S. South: FCAA Talks to SASI’s Carolyn McAllaster

Home to 44% of all people living with HIV/AIDS in the country, the U.S. South is the epicenter of the national epidemic. At the same time, the region receives less than 20 percent of total HIV-related philanthropy for the US. Funders have made significant investments to support organizations working to provide HIV services and/or advocacy […]