Founded in 1987, FCAA is the only organization comprised of and for private philanthropic institutions concerned about, engaged in or potentially active in the global fight against HIV/AIDS.


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Program Calendar

eventsFCAA is Hiring!

Ever wondered how FCAA operates with just two staff? Then help change that dynamic! FCAA is looking for a new program associate to help support our program and resource tracking efforts (among others). Please share this job description (PDF attached) far and wide!

WEBINAR: A Public Challenge to Funders: The TAC $1 Million Dollar Match (1/21 1 pm ET)

Webinar: $3 million reaching 130,000: What's next in syringe access funding? 6/25 12 pm ET

Webinar Series: The Role of Philanthropy in Ending AIDS in America - New York State 2/19 12 pm ET

LGBT Health Funding Summit Jan 27-28, NYC


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2015 AIDS Philanthropy Summit Opening Address

By: John Barnes, FCAA Executive Director Welcome to the AIDS Ph... Read More »