Call for Data

Do you fund HIV-related grants? Now is your chance to be a part of a unique and valuable resource, FCAA’s annual report on the landscape of Philanthropic HIV funding, Philanthropic Support to Address HIV/AIDS!

FCAA requests your participation in the annual HIV/AIDS resource tracking project. We are now accepting data on HIV/AIDS-related grants disbursed in calendar year 2017.

Read on for further background and instructions.


Why should my organization submit?

In a challenging HIV/AIDS funding environment—one in which ill-informed policies threaten to roll back progress, bilateral funders are decreasing resources, and the majority of philanthropic resources is concentrated among a handful of donors—this data is more critical than ever.

Understanding the landscape of HIV/AIDS-related grantmaking is only made possible by receiving annual submissions of data from funders like you. By regularly submitting your data, you contribute to a report that will help funders:

– Identify the gaps in funding and highlight potential areas of impact
– Identify new partners and help leverage and strengthen their own work
– Build support for a new project or issue in an under-resourced country


How do I submit?

  • It’s really quite simple. Download and fill out this template with any HIV-related grants that were disbursed by your organization in calendar year 2017. All we need are the following categories for each grant:
Grantee Name Can be withheld if this information is sensitive
Grant Amount Amount Disbursed in 2017, and currency
Region/Country/US State Area served by grant (not necessarily grantee location)
Grant Description The more info the better!  Your grant descriptions are what we use to determine intended use, target population, and general strategy.


  • Then email the information to Cat Gironda, That’s it!
  • Please send your grants lists by June 8, 2018

Leave the detailed coding to us. If you can provide comprehensive grant descriptions, we will determine intended use, target population, and general strategy. Our internal coding will ensure a standardized classification and allow us to better analyze and understand the data grant by grant.


Where does all your data go?

The FCAA resource tracking project consists of three main tools:

  • The annual report, Philanthropic Support to Address HIV/AIDS, which captures data on more than 7,019 grants, awarded by 392 foundations in 15 countries. This information helps to identify gaps, trends, and opportunities in HIV-related philanthropy.
  • A forthcoming, members-only online portal, that will include a secure, searchable database, with funder totals and breakdowns by geographic regions, target populations, intended use, and grantee name and type.
  • Subsequent analyses—in the form of blogs, infographics, presentations, and articles—that provide a deep dive on funding for a specific issue, population or geography.

Your data will help to inform the three tools above. If you have concerns about grantee safety or your organization’s presence within a particular country, please highlight them accordingly and we will ensure they are anonymous within your grants list.



  • Is your grants list in a language other than English?
  • Does your grants management system not allow you to provide this information in a simple format?
  • Does this information need to be kept confidential (see privacy policy)?

Please let us know if there is any potential problem in sending a grants list and we can work to find a solution. Please contact or +1 202-721-1196 (Washington, DC).


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