What it means to be an HIV Funder: Dr. Stellah Bosire

“The Resilience of the movement is what gives me hope.”

As part of our recently launched video series, we sat down with Dr. Stellah Bosire of UHAI-EASHRI to ask an important question: What does it mean to be an HIV funder today? 

As the epidemic continues to evolve, it’s more important than ever to explore this topic. Serving as the Co-Executive Director of UHAI-EASHRI, Africa’s first indigenous activist fund supporting sexual and gender minorities and sex worker human rights, Dr. Stellah offers unique perspective on the role of communities in the global response to HIV and AIDS.  

Watch our latest video to hear what Dr. Stellah had to say.

And please join the conversation! We want to hear what you think it means to be an HIV funder in our current environment. Let us know by using the hashtag #FundAIDSFight.