A Video Interview with John Barnes: FCAA’s roadmap for 2021-2025

The last 10 months have made it clear that viruses thrive on inequality, with the most vulnerable populations often seeing the highest rates of infection, death, and financial and social hardship. To respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and sustain progress against HIV and AIDS, grant makers will need to apply the lessons learned from the HIV response by funding research, community education, advocacy for rights and justice, and scaled-up testing, treatment, and prevention.

“Over the life of FCAA, we’ve evolved from a group of local grant makers addressing a local epidemic, to a global network of funders addressing an international pandemic.”

John Barnes, FCAA Executive Director

To help operationalize that work, FCAA launched a new strategic plan in December 2020. In the following video, Executive Director John Barnes provides a roadmap to that plan, including what we mean by the value of HIV-informed grantmaking.