FCAA 2022 Annual Report:

Hear from FCAA’s Executive Director Masen Davis

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

As the Executive Director of Funders Concerned About AIDS (FCAA), I am honored and humbled to be leading an organization that plays such a critical role in the global HIV response. My personal journey – as a gay and transgender man, a grantmaker and advocate, and a person deeply affected by the loss of friends and lovers to AIDS – fuels my commitment to this work. Over the years, I’ve witnessed the transformative potential of organized, inclusive philanthropy, and it is with that conviction that I lead FCAA today.

Our collective efforts have brought us closer than ever to ending the AIDS pandemic. We finally have the tools and knowledge required to end AIDS in our lifetimes, but we will only be able to realize this dream by collectively mobilizing the resources and political will needed to do so. In a world facing numerous challenges—from legislation criminalizing key populations to the impact of wars, natural disasters, and COVID-19 on healthcare delivery systems—HIV-informed philanthropy is (and will continue to be) as critical than ever.

The importance of philanthropy in the global HIV response cannot be overstated. Philanthropic institutions, including private and corporate foundations and intermediary donors, are essential in moving funds to where they are most needed and supporting populations and regions often overlooked by government funding. To help facilitate effective and transformative philanthropy, FCAA documents philanthropic investments to the global HIV response, convenes working groups to identify and address funding gaps, and harnesses the collective voice of philanthropy to advocate for healthcare and human rights worldwide. I feel proud to work alongside our dedicated staff, Board members, and philanthropic partners, all of whom share a deep commitment to this cause.

As you read through our 2022 Annual Report, I encourage you to reflect on the progress we have made and the opportunities that lie ahead. Whether you are an HIV-specific donor or an intersectional donor who cares about human rights, healthcare, democracy, reproductive justice, or a range of other issues affecting those most impacted by HIV and AIDS, I invite you to become active within FCAA. Your commitment to our shared mission will ensure we continue to make strides in the fight against HIV and AIDS.

In closing, I express my heartfelt thanks for the opportunity to lead FCAA and serve this incredible community of change-makers. With your partnership, we can and will make a meaningful and lasting impact as we aspire to end the HIV pandemic and secure health and human rights for all.

With determination and gratitude,

Masen Davis

FCAA Executive Director