Preparing for the 2018 AIDS Philanthropy Summit: A Focus on Community

  At FCAA’s 2017 AIDS Philanthropy Summit, one question came up repeatedly: How can funders more effectively support community responses to the epidemic? It was clear that this was a question that we, as an organization, needed to grapple with. Since then, FCAA has been working to better understand what effective funding for community-based action […]

Funder Spotlight: AIDS Funding Collaborative

Melissa Federman is the Treuhaft Chair for Health Planning and Director of the AIDS Funding Collaborative (AFC), housed at The Center for Community Solutions. In these roles she oversees the organization’s reproductive health projects, and the grantmaking, advocacy and convening work of the AFC. Melissa is also a relatively new member of the FCAA board who […]

Red Eye Day: Facing a Loss as Comic Relief Moves Away from AIDS Funding

We jokingly called it Red Eye Day – the day we heard that Comic Relief, the funder famous for its Red Nose Day events in the UK, and more recently in the US, decided that HIV was no longer a priority funding issue, although current HIV grants and contracts are being honoured. It’s been 17 […]

FCAA Funder Spotlight: The Campbell Foundation

As FCAA’s most recent resource tracking report shows, we have seen a trend of funding decreases among leading HIV funders. But there are a group of funders going against the grain. In 2016, 67 private funders collectively increased their HIV-related philanthropic giving by $82 million. To honor their commitment, FCAA is shining a spotlight on […]

FCAA FUNDER SPOTLIGHT: Meet the Organizations that Increased Funding in 2016

FCAA’s latest resource tracking report found that philanthropic funding for HIV and AIDS reached the highest level to date in 2016 ($680 million). While this represented a third straight year of increase, the headline also belies a broader trend of funding decreases among leading HIV funders. In fact, without the two largest funders — the […]