2017 AIDS Philanthropy Summit

September 18-19, 2017
Washington, D.C.



Each year, FCAA convenes funders to network and share best practices as part of its ongoing efforts to end AIDS by increasing the amount and impact of philanthropic resources dedicated to the effort, and strengthening networks of funders working in HIV/AIDS and adjacent areas of health, human rights and social justice.

This year’s theme is “Reigniting the Fight”

2017 marks 30 years since FCAA was founded by a group of grantmakers dedicated to bringing philanthropic attention to the AIDS crisis. This organization was forged in the face of adversity, and today we find ourselves again unsure of the future of public funding. Just this week we saw the release of the President’s FY2018 Budget plan that proposes dramatic cuts to funding for both global and U.S. domestic health and development programs that could critically set back the fight against HIV and AIDS.

But we face this challenge with the strength and wisdom of more than three decades of a powerful movement that has built advocacy and infrastructure to support those affected by HIV. As we gather for the 9th annual AIDS Philanthropy Summit in September, we will celebrate 30 years of FCAA’s philanthropic leadership and together, reignite our commitment to the future of the fight against HIV and AIDS.