Scaling up programs to remove human rights-related barriers to HIV services

September 23


We are pleased to invite you to a webinar discussion on why, now more than ever, programs to remove human rights-related barriers to HIV services need to be scaled up, and how such efforts can best be implemented. Panelists will also discuss how funders can collaborate and coordinate activities aimed at removing human rights-related barriers.

We will also share two new tools, Implementing and scaling up programs to remove human rights-related barriers to HIV services. A practical guide, developed by Frontline AIDS, the Global Fund and GIZ BACKUP Health, and the Global Fund’s COVID-19 Guidance Note: Human Rights in the Times of COVID-19.

The guide provides practical guidance on how to design, implement and monitor programs aimed at removing human rights-barriers to HIV services. It will help implementers (governmental and non-governmental) of such programs and their TA providers to:

  • Cost, monitor and evaluate programs
  • Effectively combine and implement them
  • Use a comprehensive approach
  • Achieve the right level of investment
  • Increase meaningful local capacity
  • Improve community engagement
  • Strengthen health and community systems
  • Ensure sustainability

The guidance note commits the Global Fund to a rights-based and gender-responsive approach to COVID-19 and explains what this means concretely.

The webinar will feature videos and an interactive talk show session, as well as a facilitated funder conversation.

Please note: this webinar is only open to representatives of funding or philanthropy-serving organizations.


  • Julia Greenberg, Open Society Foundations
  • Alexandrina Iovita, Global Fund


  • Oratile Moseki, Frontline AIDS
  • Russell Armstrong, Independent consultant
  • Alexandrina Iovita, the Global Fund
  • Ralf Jurgens, the Global Fund
  • Maureen Murphy Richardson, the Global Fund
  • Paul Chick, the Global Fund
  • Kofi Diaba, West African Program to Combat AIDS and STI
  • Sophie Hermanns, GIZ BACKUP Health
  • Jonathan Cohen, Open Society Foundations

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