FCAA Connect Webinar: Gender Justice is Trans Justice

gender justice is trans justice: Understanding How Women’s Funders & Trans Communities Can Meet at the Intersection

December 16th


The resistance to recognizing transgender women as women is a reality within our larger culture. We will learn about some of the history of this resistance, and discuss how cisgender women in particular may knowingly, or unknowingly enable this resistance.

This session explored how this dynamic may play out in philanthropic settings. As some of the most marginalized women in the US, as well as prime targets of violence, we explored how grantmaking institutions do or do not support Transgender women, both as a marginalized community but also as stakeholders within the feminist movement.

Although this conversation had a primary focus on Trans women of color, it wsa also be inclusive of everyone under a Trans and Gender Non-Conforming umbrella, including Trans men and nonbinary people, and how their gender experiences and sexual and reproductive health and justice needs are often invisible and ignored.  

This webinar was the first in a two-part series focused on funding for TGNC communities. We also highly recommend that you revisit the second conversation: COVID-19 at the Intersection of Black & Brown TGNC Lives.

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