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The work of FCAA is made possible by foundation and corporate grants as well as institutional and personal membership contributions. Become a member today!

Who Can Join?

  • Staff, consultants, and trustees of grant making institutions
  • Staff/representatives of affinity groups or philanthropic support organizations
  • Individual grant makers

We also encourage grant makers from other areas (e.g. reproductive health, human rights, social justice, LGBTQI issues, etc.) whose work intersects with the myriad issues surrounding HIV and AIDS to join us.

Why Join?

Membership supports FCAA’s comprehensive programming, including our annual resource tracking publication, virtual and in-person convenings, and the annual AIDS Philanthropy Summit, as well as communications and advocacy initiatives focused on raising awareness for, and growing the field of, AIDS-related philanthropy.

Learn more about FCAA’s efforts in 2018.

As member-supporters of FCAA, you have the opportunity to meet and learn from your peers.  We believe that informing and connecting you with your colleagues will lead to more effective and responsive grantmaking, and thus, an improved global response. Our impact has been clearly demonstrated – AIDS philanthropy has grown from just over $200,000 26 years ago to more than $600,000,000 annually today, in part because of FCAA’s work.

Benefits include:

  • Recognition on our website, annual AIDS Philanthropy Summit, annual report and other public membership materials – an oportunity to demonstrate your organization’s commitment to the fight against HVI/AIDS, and positioning you alongside other leaders in the field.
  • Facilitation of and advisory support in convening local or regional conversations with other funders
  • Access to staff expertise and technical assistance services
  • Responsive programs on emerging issues’ potential impact on grantmaking
  • Special discounted registration for the FCAA AIDS Philanthropy Summit
  • Priority invitation to: Networking calls, working groups, panel and online discussions, receptions/conferences

In addition to these direct benefits, your membership dues are also critical to making our core programming possible, including:

  • Advocacy: educating stakeholders on important issues relevant to the global resopnse to HIV and AIDS
  • Convenings: bringing together funders and other stakeholders to network and share best practices.
  • Resource Tracking: FCAA has been tracking the field of HIV-related philanthropy for 14 years through the signature report, Philanthropic Support to Address HIV/AIDS.

How Can You Join?

Membership can be paid via check or through paypal. Download the FCAA Membership Form  for more information.

Membership Levels

The majority of our supporters provide an annual institutional contribution that they classify as “annual dues.” For other funders who cannot provide membership support/dues, we engage in a grant strategy for either general operating or project-specific support, depending on the interests and guidelines of each specific funder. FCAA welcomes individual support at any level and is approved to receive matching gifts from employers.

  • Institutional Membership – Enables all grant making staff and trustees to participate in FCAA activities as members.
  • Individual Membership – Enables individuals who serve (or have served) as staff or board members of qualifying grant-making institutions to participate in FCAA activities as members.

Please download and review FCAA Suggested Levels of Membership Support.