FCAA launches 2021-2025 Strategic Plan

Today, on World AIDS Day, Funders Concerned About AIDS is excited to unveil a new look, a new website, and a new 5-year strategic plan!

About Our New Logo

Our new visual identity honors our past: there are elements of the AIDS ribbon woven into the new logo; the colors in our new palate refer back to the blue color for which FCAA is known. But the prominent intersecting lines point to the future – one in which various sectors and communities must work closely together to achieve progress.

About Our New Strategic Plan

Every five years, FCAA undertakes a comprehensive planning process, evaluating progress, assessing the landscape, and charting the best path forward to achieve our goals. Since 2015, we have:

  • Invested in our capacity to collect and analyze data;
  • Used that data to determine where the most critical HIV funding gaps exist’
  • Evolved from monitoring to driving the HIV response, using our data to call for investments in underfunded communities and to hold governments accountable.

With the support, engagement, and leadership of our members and this community, we made incredible progress. Now, it is time to build on that progress.

The times we are living in call for an especially bold approach. Our new plan answers that need. It lays out a path for building the social, political, and economic commitments necessary to attain health, human rights, and opportunity for all – all of which is essential to efforts to end AIDS.

About HIV-Informed Grantmaking

The COVID-19 pandemic has made the value of HIV-informed grantmaking crystal clear. We see, more than even, how the last forty years of the AIDS response have prepared us to address this current crisis. Similarly, our call to action for the next five years won’t just help get us closer to ending AIDS as a public health threat; it will also help address many of the public health and underlying structural issues facing society today. We will do this by:

  • Putting the most affected communities in the driver’s seat
  • Using a right-based approach to advancing health equity

Want to learn more? We encourage you to spend time on our new virtual home at www.fcaaids.org. And let us know how we can work with you to achieve our expanded mission.