HIV-focused Giving Fails to Address Needs of Over-50 PLWH

*This article was originally published in HIV Specialist magazine.

PHILANTHROPIC DATA SHOWS AN “ALARMING GAP” in resources devoted to the needs of people living with HIV (PLWH) who are age 50 and older, according to Funders Concerned About AIDS (FCAA). In a report presented at the annual AIDS Philanthropy Summit, FCAA said that while fully half of PLWH are 50 or older, only 2% of the country’s HIV-focused philanthropy addressed the needs of this growing group.

“Due to enormous advances in treatment, people are able to live far longer; so much so that by the year 2020, 70 percent of those living with HIV in the US will be over the age of 50,” said John Barnes, FCAA executive director. “This is good news, but it brings with it unique complexities. Philanthropic funding is a critical source of support and is essential to ensuring that we adequately address the needs of older HIV-positive adults.”

The full article is available on page 5 of the October 2017 issue of HIV Specialist magazine.