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Road to Amsterdam: Funder guide to AIDS2018 & Social Media Toolkit

Next week thousands of activists, stakeholders, funders, policymakers, scientists and PLWHA will converge on Amsterdam for the International AIDS Conference (AIDS2018). There will be hundreds of sessions, presentations, side events and meetings. In an effort to help our partners and members navigate AIDS2018, FCAA has prepared a roadmap to highlight conference proceedings focused on issues of interest […]

Deadly Parallels: HIV/AIDS Funders Bring Hard-Learned Lessons to the Opioid Crisis

  *This article was originally published in Inside Philanthropy. If you think of a Venn diagram mapping two crises—the HIV/AIDS epidemic and opioid use—there would be a significant amount of overlap. They are analogous, in many ways: in terms of scope; the ways in which society has responded—or, more aptly, not responded—to them; and the populations […]

HIV/AIDS Funding: Data is the Key

  This article was originally published on the POZ website. The HIV/AIDS funding environment is more challenging than ever. Ill-informed policies threaten to roll back progress. Bilateral funders are decreasing resources. The majority of philanthropic resources are concentrated among a handful of donors. At this moment in time, we must deploy all the weapons in […]

The Past, Present and Future of HIV Funding

  This article was published on The American Journal of Managed Care’s website on December 11, 2017. A Kaiser Family Foundation web briefing navigated the HIV/AIDS funding landscape, taking a look at trends over time, the latest data, and what we might expect in the future. When analyzing federal funding by the US government for HIV both […]