Funder Working Groups

FCAA working groups are member-driven platforms that provide learning and networking opportunities among funders looking to mobilize resources and bring heightened awareness to specific issues in AIDS-related philanthropy.

Current working groups include:

  • U.S. South: The U.S. South is the epicenter of the national epidemic, yet receives less than a quarter of the country’s HIV-related philanthropy each year. This working group seeks to bring awareness to the many factors contributing to high HIV infection rates in the region and, ultimately, ensure greater resources are mobilized to address these challenges. Learn more about the Southern HIV Impact Fund.
  • Women & Children: Although great progress has been made in the fight against HIV and AIDS globally, advancements for children and adolescents continue to lag behind. Furthermore, despite having made impressive strides, we have not yet eliminated mother-to-child transmission of HIV, a required step in achieving an AIDS-free generation. The Women & Children Working Group strives to ensure children, adolescents and mothers are key areas of focus for funders.
  • Human Rights & HIV: In partnership with colleagues at the Human Rights Funders Network, members of this working group strive to sustain and evolve the work of organizations addressing human rights in the context of HIV.
  • Community Based Organizations Working Group: During the 2017 Annual AIDS Philanthropy summit convened by FCAA, a panel discussion on Supporting community based work pinpointed a number of challenges related to the levels of funding currently going to this critical component of the global response to AIDS. To address these concerns, this new working group seeks to discuss and improve the ability of philanthropic organizations involved in funding AIDS initiatives to support community-based responses, especially those communities that are hard to reach and excluded.

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