2019 Summit

Each year, FCAA convenes funders at our annual AIDS Philanthropy Summit to network and share best practices as part of our ongoing efforts to increase the amount and impact of philanthropic resources dedicated to the HIV/AIDS effort.

One of FCAA’s 2016-2020 strategic goals is to “Catalyze a dynamic and sustained philanthropic response to HIV/AIDS with special attention to its underlying drivers.” As such, our past Summits and other programming have become increasingly intersectional. But that strategic shift has also caused us to wrestle with a critical question: What does it mean to be an HIV funder today?

As we’re hosting this year’s Summit at the National Press Club, we’re also interested in sessions that address the role of media and messaging in the response to HIV and AIDS. In today’s rapid-fire news cycle, what is our responsibility as funders to capitalize on news from the frontlines of the epidemic and work with the media to raise awareness and correct misconceptions? What is our role in ensuring or promoting access to information?

FCAA recently closed our 2019 Summit Call for Sessions and is currently reviewing and finalizing selections with our Summit Program Committee and special media partners. 




  • Do my proposed speakers need to be finalized before submitting a proposal? We require a proposed list of speakers when you submit a session proposal, but that information doesn’t have to be finalized until August if your session is accepted. If accepted, we encourage you to confirm and arrange logistics for any international speakers as early as possible to ensure time for any required visa or passport needs. To that end, FCAA is also happy to provide any required letters of invitation or documentation.
  • What is the timeline for the Call for Sessions: The deadline for submissions is June 7th. FCAA staff and Program Committee will review each proposal to finalize the program in early June. You will be notified in mid-to-late July if you are accepted. If yes, you have until August to share your finalized session description, speaker list and bios, and any additional technical needs or issues.
  • What is the selection process? FCAA will review sessions in partnership with our Program Committee. Those conversations will not only determine what submissions are selected, but will review any guidance or suggestions the program committee may offer to help finetune the session. We will then respond to all organizations with news of our final decisions and any related feedback. At this time we will also give you the date and time that your session will be on the agenda, as well as details on next steps and requirements for the final session.
  • If my session is selected, what can I expect? If your session is selected, FCAA will contact you to confirm your interest and next steps, as well as the proposed timing/schedule of your session. We will also schedule a first call with you to review all of the session details, the Summit timeline and to answer any questions. FCAA staff will also be available as needed to help develop and finalize any content or logistical aspects of your session.
  • What if my session isn’t selected? Presenters of sessions not chosen for the Summit may be offered the opportunity to present their topic as part of FCAA’s ongoing funder webinar briefings. These sessions will be limited to 90 minutes and scheduled at a mutually convenient time.
  • What else will I be responsible for as a session organizer? You will be responsible for overseeing the design and implementation of your session, including inviting and prepping speakers. You will also be responsible for getting the required information and content to FCAA as per the Summit deadlines. Your organization will also be responsible for covering all the expenses related to organizing the session (including speaker travel and accommodations, etc.).
  • Can FCAA help us pay costs of speaker travel? FCAA has a limited travel/sponsor budget, and thus, will not be able to help support these expenses for selected sessions. However, if you are experiencing difficulties with supporting your session, please contact Sarah Hamilton sarah@fcaaids.org.
  • Do I need to pay the registration fee for the conference if I am a speaker?All non-funder speakers and one session designer may register for free. All other speakers and organizers from funding organizations must pay the registration fee. Registration codes will be shared with speakers and organizers as part of the confirmation process.
  • What if my funding organization cannot afford registration? FCAA will work with smaller foundations, participatory grantmakers, and funders in the global South to find a reduced registration fee to incentivize registration. As always, if you have issues, please contact Sarah Hamilton at sarah@fcaaids.org.
  • If my speakers are not from a funding organization, can they still participate in the rest of the Summit? Invited speakers who are not funders – or otherwise eligible for FCAA membership – are welcome to stay for and participate for the entire Summit, unless specific sessions are  designated as “funder only.”
  • Are there other ways to sponsor a session? FCAA welcomes funding organizations to provide a small sponsorship to support sessions. You can give generally to this process, or specify the session you would like to support and how once they are announced. FCAA offers $1,000 individual session sponsorship levels or $2,500 sponsorship of a keynote or plenary session. For more on this opportunity, please download the sponsorship Download this form.