What it means to be an HIV Funder: Amelia Korangy

“We need to make it easy for folks who don’t see HIV as their issue, to understand that HIV-specific programming, organizations, advocacy, and cultural movements are actually entry points and infrastructure for some of the broader issues that need to be addressed.”  

Today we are sharing the final part of our video series “What it Means to be an HIV Funder,” featuring Amelia Korangy, Senior Manager External Affairs, ViiV Healthcare.

As a leader of ViiV Healthcare’s community giving and Positive Action Programs in the U.S., as well as a partner in the Southern HIV Impact Fund, Amelia is uniquely qualified to weigh in on this question. She previously worked as a Senior Consultant at TCC Group and is a trained social worker with experience providing direct services to LGBTQ, HIV positive, and homeless young people through several organizations. She has served on FCAA’s Board of Directors since 2017.

As the COVID-19 crisis continues to have dramatic impacts on our work, Amelia’s call for HIV-related philanthropy to bring new and diverse people to the table is more relevant than ever. Watch our latest video to hear what Amelia had to say.

Please join the conversation! We want to hear what you think it means to be an HIV funder in our current environment. Let us know by using the hashtag #FundAIDSFight.