Working Groups

FCAA working groups are member-driven platforms that provide learning and networking opportunities among funders looking to mobilize resources and bring heightened awareness to specific issues in HIV-informed philanthropy.

Current working groups include:

The COVID-19 Learning Group

Beginning in March 2020, the COVID-19 Learning Group has been organized by FCAA to bring together funding organizations to find ways to better support people and communities living with and vulnerable to HIV as they face disproportionate impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. The C-19 Learning Group has been sharing data, resources, learnings, and best practices as well as helping to coordinate funding initiatives and advocacy with public funding agencies. Learn more about this work.

Racial Justice Working Group

The Black Lives Matter movement and the race-based health disparities laid bare by COVID-19 clearly highlight the need to not only advocate for additional resources, but also to urge philanthropy to increase transparency in racial justice efforts so that grant making can be adequately monitored and improved. To achieve these goals, FCAA formed a Racial Justice Working Group launched in the fall of 2020. Read a recent data spotlight on HIV philanthropy for BIPOC communities.

Community Based Organizations Working Group

During the 2017 Annual AIDS Philanthropy Summit convened by FCAA, a panel discussion on Supporting Community-Based Work pinpointed a number of challenges related to the levels of funding currently going to this critical component of the global response to AIDS. To address these concerns, FCAA formed the Community Based Organizations Working Group to discuss and improve the ability of philanthropic organizations involved in funding AIDS initiatives to support community-based responses, especially those communities that are hard to reach and excluded. Read more about our related Last Mile Funding research.

Past Working Groups

For more information, or to participate, e-mail [email protected]