Philanthropic Support to Address HIV and AIDS

New report now available: Philanthropic Support to Address HIV and AIDS in 2021!

about the report

Funders Concerned About AIDS’ signature resource tracking report, Philanthropic Support to Address HIV and AIDS, is the most comprehensive study of its kind.

The resource tracking report was created it offer a unique snapshot of the HIV landscape, helping funders to:

  • Align available resources with critical needs;
  • Discover other organizations active in the countries that they fund;
  • Identify new partners and help leverage and strengthen their own work;
  • Build support for a new project or issue in an under-resourced country; and
  • Inform efforts of grantees and partners to increase long-term sustainability or programs.

Supporting Materials

  • Review FCAA Data Spotlights for additional deep dives on resource tracking data
  • Learn about key milestones in the resource tracking report’s history