Talking FOSTA-SESTA at the FCAA Spring Funder Forum

As FCAA’s most recent data spotlight points out, sex workers are at 13 times greater risk of contracting HIV than the general population. This is due to a number of factors – greater economic vulnerability, the inability to negotiate for protected sex through condom use, and the experience of violence, criminalization, and marginalization. In July […]

The role of private philanthropy in the Global Fund – A call to Action at the World Economic Forum

Here’s a message that always bears repeating: the contributions of private philanthropy, though only 2% of global resources for HIV/AIDS, are catalytic. These resources are invaluable to progress in global health. Consider, for example, the role of private philanthropy in the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. To date, the private sector has […]

Highlights from the 2018 AIDS Philanthropy Summit: Catalyzing Communities

“Relationships are the glue that bind communities together and build bridges between them.” -John Barnes, Executive Director, FCAA FCAA Executive Director John Barnes began the 2018 AIDS Philanthropy Summit with a call to action to build bridges of understanding and respect with one another, and to recognize, trust and leverage community wisdom in favor of […]

Preparing for the 2018 AIDS Philanthropy Summit: A Focus on Community

  At FCAA’s 2017 AIDS Philanthropy Summit, one question came up repeatedly: How can funders more effectively support community responses to the epidemic? It was clear that this was a question that we, as an organization, needed to grapple with. Since then, FCAA has been working to better understand what effective funding for community-based action […]