About Us

Mission & Vision

In December of 2020, FCAA launched our 2021-2025 Strategy to reflect the current state of the fight against HIV and AIDS and to mobilize philanthropy to direct resources where they will be more effective.


FCAA informs, connects, and supports philanthropy to mobilize resources to end the global HIV pandemic and build the social, political and economic commitments necessary to attain health, human rights, and justice for all.


FCAA envisions a world without AIDS, facilitated by philanthropy for:

  • Empowerment, equity and justice for marginalized and neglected communities;
  • Innovation in health services and other programming to promote health, human rights and social and economic opportunity; and
  • Government responsiveness and accountability to people‚Äôs needs.

As a global network of funders, FCAA welcomes diverse perspectives, facilitates open communication and debate, and promotes racial and gender equity and all human rights.