FCAA Year in review

It has been a time of great reflection at FCAA. In addition to anticipating an impending leadership change, we have spent the past several weeks officially and administratively closing the books on 2021 – the first year of our current strategic plan. What we realized, in taking this time to contemplate our work, is that last year was remarkable year for many reasons. And we have FCAA members to thank for that.

We invite you to learn more about our collective work in this new video:

Here is a brief snapshot of 2021:

We solidified our Program Lifecycle model: a member-led approach to program design.

And, using this as our framework, we:

  • Published three significant reports
  • Convened eight meetings and webinars
  • Launched our new Membership & Grants Directory

Thank you

None of this would have been possible without all of you. FCAA members are essential to ensuring the Program Lifecycle works. Most importantly, you are vital to ensuring that HIV-informed funding is mobilized and directed in ways that can be most effective.