Abortion is Healthcare. Abortion is a Right.

Dear Colleagues,
I’ve struggled this morning to know whether or not FCAA should issue a statement or highlight what you all already have heard: that the U.S. Supreme Court today decided to overturn Roe v. Wade, and in turn, the right to safe abortion will be stripped from millions of people. As noted by FCAA Board member and AIDS United President & CEO Jesse Milan Jr., we also know that “…the decision provides the framework for overturning dozens of precedents and laws related to privacy and personal liberty.”

In full transparency, I have nothing new to say that hasn’t been said. I am sad and angry and scared. I can’t imagine the exhaustion and emotion that those of you who have been funding and fighting alongside partners on this work for so very long must be feeling.

The fight ahead of us will no doubt require brilliance, true intersectionality, and collaboration – all things at the core of the HIV-informed funding response.

I encourage you to seek out the wisdom and action of the resources below. Share with us what you’re doing, and how we can support your work. We will continue collecting and sharing information and actions via our website and social media

But today, take care of yourselves and those you love.

Yours in the fight,