Pandemics are Chronic: A Conversation with HIV and Disability Funders on COVID & Long COVID.

The link to the Spanish audio recording can be found below. ASL interpretation is visible in the second half of the recorded conversation.

In this webinar, funders and advocates with experiences in and across HIV, disability and Long COVID will discuss how the HIV and disability communities’ vibrant history and present day ecosystems of advocacy can be resourced and bridged to provide a foundation on which to build strategic efforts for this next phase of complex, ongoing pandemics.

Today, even as both the HIV epidemic and the COVID-19 pandemic persist, public policies and programs “going back to normal” marginalize and endanger the Black, Brown, indigenous, queer and trans, elder and disabled and chronically ill people at greatest risk of COVID harms. Join us for a conversation about how the HIV community and allies can hold and shape this moment of chronic pandemics so that disabled and chronically ill people are centered in the response, equipped with resources, and partnered with funders and philanthropies committed to a racial justice framework.

We will consider:

  • How can funders and advocates working to build a healthy, sustained response to long COVID, disability, chronic illness and colliding pandemics learn from HIV  and disability movements when it comes to principles and practices? 
  • What are the emerging lessons from funders and advocacy groups working at the intersection of HIV, long COVID, racial and health equity? 
  • How can the HIV community elevate disability-centered practices to address stigma, marginalization and bias within its own efforts, recognizing co-morbidities, aging and complex chronic conditions as part of lived experience for many people living with HIV? 
  • How has the HIV model been extended to outbreaks like monkeypox, as well as chronic pandemics? 
  • What does an integrated, well-resourced and justice-oriented advocacy movement for addressing chronic pandemics look like?