Progress at Stake: Implications of Project 2025 and the 2024 Global Election Year for the HIV response

Presented by FCAA and the Nebula Fund

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Led by the Heritage Foundation, a new right-wing plan for governing known as “Project 2025” has set the course for what will happen if they win the 2024 election, which will amount to a radical reshaping of the US government and its global commitments. 

And their efforts have already created a crisis in the global HIV response. For the first time in more than 20 years, the Heritage Foundation led attempts to block reauthorization of PEPFAR – one of the most successful examples of bipartisan leadership in our country’s history, and one that has saved more than 25 million lives since its creation.  Their strategy has been to frame the use of PEPFAR as a liberal tool to export and promote abortion and LGBTQI issues. 

With PEPFAR already in the crosshairs of Project 2025, what could this portend for the HIV response if there is already a significant gap between resources and need in low-and middle-income countries? What will happen to the health and rights of communities most vulnerable to HIV?

What should funders know, and do?

This webinar will:

  • Examine international trends in authoritarianism;
  • Offer a deep dive into Project 2025, which the Global Project Against Hate and Extremism has called the “far-right playbook for American authoritarianism”;
  • Provide tools to connect the impact on HIV to other key intersectional issues (LGBTQI, human rights, SRHR); and,
  • Offer strategies for precluding and mitigating these potential harms.