January FCAA Advocacy Network Webinar

January 30th, 2 pm ET

The FCAA Advocacy Network, comprised of key partners, including amfAR, NASTAD, NMAC, Friends of the Global Fight, Open Society Foundations, and Kaiser Family Foundation, will monitor the rapidly evolving political landscape and partner in producing monthly updates (or more frequently as needed) and quarterly convenings (both virtual and in person).  FCAA is also working with sister affinity groups to ensure our net is cast wide in monitoring a diverse range of health and social justice issues, and related opportunities. FCAA is committed to providing up-to-date information on the developments within the new administration, identifying rapid-response funding needs, and creating time and space for funders to share thoughts, plans and priorities, and to find partners with whom to craft collaborative strategies.

The first Network webinar will report on the status of the federal budget, provide updates on confirmation hearings, and include ample time for strategy sharing on efforts related to the ACA repeal and financing of key programs such as PEPFAR and the Global Fund.


Speakers included: 

  •              John Barnes, FCAA
  •              Greg Millett, amfAR
  •             Asal Sayas, amfAR
  •              Chris Collins, Friends of the Global Fight
  •             Amy Killelea, NASTAD
  •             Dr. Raegan McDonald-Mosley, Planned Parenthood