Highlights from the 2019 AIDS Philanthropy Summit – Part 1

“We must reject the myth of scarcity and embrace a sense of abundance. Social justice is not a zero-sum game. We can expand our efforts to include others without abandoning people we’ve been serving all along.”

John Barnes, Executive Director, FCAA

FCAA Executive Director John Barnes opened the 2019 AIDS Philanthropy Summit by connecting its two themes – Keeping AIDS in the Headlines: Maintaining Focus, Expanding Priorities. Hosted for the first time at the National Press Club, the venue offered an important opportunity to remind attendees of the influence of media, and the potential to harness it to further our work to end AIDS. The second day of the Summit, Barnes indicated in his remarks, would focus on the challenge of balancing the need to prioritize HIV with the need to integrate it into broader efforts to address healthcare and human rights. The agenda that followed this address featured 40 speakers from 10 countries.

In our first recap, we will review just a few of the highlights, key themes, and proposed actions that emerged from Day 1 discussions. Keep an eye out for Day 2 highlights – coming soon!  


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