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Are Funders Still Focusing On HIV/AIDS?

  *This post was originally published on HealthAffairs’ GrantWatch blog. In January 2020 Funders Concerned About AIDS (FCAA) published Philanthropic Support to Address HIV/AIDS in 2018. FCAA produces a comprehensive “resource tracking” report annually. Private philanthropy, including 693 funders, gave more than $651 million in 2018. John Barnes, FCAA executive director, comments in an accompanying blog post, “The bottom line, however, […]

Southern HIV/AIDS Awareness Day: Funding key to reducing cases, deaths

  *This article by Marvell L. Terry II, program manager for the Southern HIV Impact Fund and AIDS United, originally appeared in MLK50. The racism and biases impacting Black and Brown people at this moment have been an obstacle to progress in fighting HIV/AIDS for decades. Nowhere is this more evident than in the South. […]

From AIDS to Covid-19: What Grant Makers Can Learn From Our Last Pandemic

  *This article, by FCAA’s founding executive director, Michael Seltzer, originally appeared in the Chronicle of Philanthropy. When it comes to determining a response to Covid-19, foundation and corporate grant makers can look to another recent global pandemic for guidance — the AIDS crisis. The two viruses are different in significant ways, such as mode […]

Philanthropy’s Search for an HIV Vaccine: Building Public-Private Partnerships in a Global Pandemic

  *This article originally appeared on RE:source, the Rockefeller Archive Center’s storytelling platform A deadly new virus with no known cure spreads across the globe. Questions abound over who is most susceptible and whether countries should restrict travel and immigration. Public fear of the disease escalates. Four decades before the outbreak of COVID-19, the world encountered a […]

HIV Funding From Private Sources in 2018 Remained “Relatively Flat”

  *This article originally appeared on POZ. Private philanthropic funding for HIV-related causes increased $13 million between 2017 and 2018. At first glance, this might seem like good news. But a deeper dive into the global data reveals a troubling trend: Funding to fight the epidemic has “remained relatively flat.” Or worse: The numbers illustrate […]