2018 AIDS Philanthropy Summit


Key Information


Funders Concerned About AIDS invites you to join us once again for our annual convening.

Our theme for 2018 is: Catalyzing Communities.

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Opening Plenary Announced!

We have spent the past year taking an in-depth look at funding for community-based responses to the epidemic. One question we have asked ourselves as part of this process is: how are we defining “community?” Are we defining it as:

  • Individuals within a specific geography or people living in the same country or village?
  • Or a specific demographic, identity or common experience related to, for instance, age, gender, sexual identity, or HIV status?

The answer is all of the above. Communities are complex. Therefore, our approach to funding effective community-based responses must be as well.

That is why we look forward to meeting with all of you in November. Together, we will identify new tools and opportunities to increase investment in the community-based approaches that are so critical to the fight against HIV/AIDS. At this year’s convening, we will:

  • Engage in strategic conversations on what’s happening among impacted communities
  • Build skills and discuss best practices to effectively support the hard to reach and excluded communities
  • Share the results of our research on funding for community-based responses.

REGISTER TODAY! (and since the summit is on election day, remember to vote early!)